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Poor Poor Pope Fraize.  Maybe you should call Adam or Jeremy to learn about ratings.
You see.  There is a rating system for Radio Station.   You say you are the largest occult radio station.   The rating system states that you don’t even have enough listeners in the USA to register.

Keep it up.  Maybe you will register some day.

Church Of Ahriman will keep monitoring you and see if those ratings actually register in the United States.  Good Luck!  We sure your advertisers would just love to see your ratings and how may people actually do show up and listen.   You do tell them.  Right?

Maybe you should ask your friend Sin Jones about ratings.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 5.03.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 5.03.07 PM

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On behalf of Adam, Kelsey and Jeremy we would like to say Congratulations to Barbara Malphas-Samael for becoming a family member of House Of Pendragon.

We send you our love as you start your new journey.

Take good care of her Von Dee and her new family.  We know you  all will.

Love, Honor & Respect From Church Of Ahriman


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We all saw the pics

And we saw your fake blog with the WRONG EMAIL ADDRESSES made up by you.

Does Creative Coalition know you are using people’s names AGAIN making up fake blogs (and getting their email addresses wrong)

I don’t know.   Maybe we should ask the people in the PICS posted who were at the Creative Coalition meeting.

Strange you weren’t in any of the photos we saw.



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Church Of The Satanic Dragon was told by King Pietro Giovanni Caira that Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik is the strongest leader of Theistic Satanism and a friend of Pope Robert Fraize and he will defend him and protect him

 Church Of The Satanic Dragon laughs at Pope Robert Fraize and spits on his family. He has shown he has no magickal skills whatsoever and is a game player writing blogs and building websites, which is an insult to the Satanic Community. His Church has been unable to produce one single religious event run by his Church.
Church Of The Satanic Dragon was asked to go on his Flagship Radio station to debate Theistic Satanism, a free radio station run out of the United States. He claims to be the largest occult radio station, yet documents were produced to us to show us that the station has so few ratings that it does not even register. He also wants to debate Church Of The Satanic Dragon on Theistic Satanism while our Church has nothing to do with Theistic Satanism, but he is to ignorant to understand that. What will this imbecile do next? Ask the Catholic Church to debate Theistic Satanism?

The Church Of Leviathan and Pope Robert Fraize have demonstrated that they are a sham, unable to produce any Church affiliated events. They have also demonstrated that they are unable to fight besides writing blogs, showing no magickal skills.

Church Of The Satanic Dragon calls out Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik to protect his so called friend Pope Fraize and demonstrate your magickal skills. We have no clue who you are, but if you are friends with such an inept individual as Pope Robert Fraize, we can only guess what your skills are like.
King Pietro Giovanni Caira informed us that this Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik strongest leader of Theistic Satanism would protect his friend Pope Robert Fraize if called out. Consider this being called out and demonstrate what makes you the strongest leader.

Unless a serpent devour a serpent it will not become a dragon. Unless one power absorb another, it will not become great.”

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We asked DJ Hype whatever happened to the lawsuit that Pope Fraize threatened him with if he should play the Jess Of Doom phone message on the air.

Of course nothing happened, but thanks to us, he is going to replay the message.  Maybe then Pope Fraize will follow through with his legal action and do what he says.

And thanks to DJ Hype for showing us how to look up internet ratings.   Which is how we know Flagship Radio has none.

That’s what happens when one emails.   One gets information

  • Conversation started today

Hi DJ Hype

I was just wondering. I heard on your radio show that Pope Robert Fraize and the Church Of Leviathan threatened to sue you. What ever happened with that?

  • Djhype Hype

    Thank you love. Nothing ever happened. Probably just a stalking fan. I have them all the time. They have no brains and no sense.

  • Amanda Morse

    Wow. You must get them all the time. Can you play the call on the air again? It was really funny and update everybody on it since it is coming up to two months since he promised to call the FBI on you. I am sure your fans would like an update.

  • Djhype Hype

    Good idea love. I will do that this week, and I will play the message on the air again.

  • Amanda Morse

    I look forward to hearing it. You are on the BBC. Real radio stations that have internet stations attached. What do you think about people who just open up an internet station. I was thinking of doing it. Is there are way to measure ratings?

  • Djhype Hype

    We laugh at people who open radio stations out of their homes. It’s like being a DJ in a club. Everybody thinks they can be one. The only way an internet station is considered a force and is taken seriously is if it is registered and one gets paid. Pandora for example is a money making station. If you want to do it as a hobby have fun. Yes, there is a way to measure ratings, which are important if one is a paid service.

  • Amanda Morse

    And what is that?

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But statistics don’t like

Just like Church Of Leviathan is the biggest Occult Church

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.24.10 AM


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.24.25 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.24.35 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.24.35 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.24.51 AM


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Pope just can’t stay away from those who help Nazis can he?   Must be in his blood

Red Cross knew of Nazi death camps, records show



WASHINGTON — The International Committee of the Red Cross has released World War II documents showing the organization knew about the persecution of Jews in Nazi death camps but felt powerless to speak out.

One of the most startling revelations contained in the records is that the Nazis agreed to let Red Cross workers into German concentration camps in March 1945 to try to ensure the prisoners’ safety.

Relief workers took advantage of the disarray within the Nazi regime weeks before its defeat, pleading with concentration camp commanders to allow them access to Jewish inmates, according to the documents, which were given to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum last week.

But the arrangement prevented the Red Cross from removing prisoners.

After 18 months of prodding from Holocaust museum officials, the Red Cross recently agreed to change a long-standing policy and open up its wartime records to the public.

The 25,000 microfilmed pages turned over to the museum contain Red Cross workers’ firsthand accounts of Nazi atrocities.

Red Cross workers “are the most credible witnesses to these crimes,” Miles Lerman, chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, said at a ceremony marking release of the documents.

“Your representatives were permitted into the camps and you saw the unbelievable and recorded it and kept it in your files.”

The Red Cross has long acknowledged that it knew about the Nazi persecution of Jews.

But the organization has maintained that if it had disclosed that knowledge during World War II, its ability to monitor prisoner-of-war camps on both sides would have been compromised.

“The International Committee of the Red Cross has shared responsibility for the silence of the world community,” said Georges Willemin, the organization’s archivist. “Could we have gone further? Could we have done more? I don’t know.”

Lerman said the documents would help answer that question, adding, “How can one be satisfied when a world perished while the other half of the world looked on?”

When asked why it took the Red Cross more than 50 years to make the records available, Willemin said, “It takes time to face your own history.”

The decision to release the records, he added, “was an important change for an organization that through its history has been inclined to protect the privacy of its records so as not to run any risk of impairing its humanitarian work and its reputation for impartiality and neutrality.”

Museum officials have so far only superficially examined the Red Cross records, which are expected to provide details on rescue missions, visits to concentration camps and ghettos, deportation operations and Jewish emigration during and after the war.

The documents will be available at the Holocaust museum and on the World Wide Web early this year. Copies will also be kept at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and at the Center for Jewish Documentation in Paris.



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Watcha gonna do when they come for you?

Church Of Leviathan has THOUSANDS of members around the world.  No problem taking care of  Church Of The Satanic Dragon and Von Dee head of Church Of Pagan Freedoms.

Who are you gonna go crying to now Pope?   What do I do?  They are all picking on me.

When are you going to call the Police?  FBI?  How about the President?  How about Pope Bubbles?

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 12.36.01 PM


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Pope Faize reported a out of the country church to the FBI on a Saturday.

Remember. Pope Fraize is not smarter than a 5th grader.

Thanks Pope Fraize!  When will the Church Of The Satanic Dragon expect to hear from the FBI?

Danny Nicholas Rubino Pope Robert Fraize Isn’t it a federal crime for them to declare a cyber war on innocent people ?

 Pope Robert Fraize it is a hate crime to declair war over a church

Danny Nicholas Rubino They’ll get their karma

 Nemesys Nexus They surely will

 Pope Robert Fraize i just reported it to the Fbi

Danny Nicholas Rubino good.

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Posted by Church Of The Satanic Dragon’s High Lord Reverend John Andrews

Attention An official declaration of war has been declared issued by Church Of The Satanic Dragon vs. Pope Fraize & Church Of Leviathan. Pope Friaze has accepted the challenge and we await his attack.

Official Statement From Church Of The Satanic Dragon

I High Lord Reverend John Andrews of Church Of The Satanic Dragon formally state that we find Pope Robert Fraize of Church Of Leviathan ( to be a utter disrespect for anything religious and Church Of The Satanic Dragon publicly condemns them.

On this date 11 August 2013, we challenged Pope Robert Fraize, to come and get us. He accepted the challenge.

Let it be known to the world and community that war was declared and accepted on 11 August 2013 by Church Of The Satanic Dragon and Church Of Leviathan.

Church Of The Satanic Dragon awaits Pope Fraize’s and Church Of Leviathan’s attack.

Ich spucke auf dich

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